The most important thing during the treatment is that the animal feels safe and respected. 


The practitioner needs to visually and physically assess the animal. Pictures and videos are often very helpful to have to document whatever progress has been made. The physical assessment is done respectfully, and when the animal is ready. 


The animal should be comfortable enough to sniff and explore the room where the treatment is being done. If there is an injury or sensitive spot, that should be avoided; causing the animal discomfort or creating stress is counterintuitive to the treatment. After each move, there will be a wait time of approximately 2 minutes. The waits are as important as the moves. It allows the communication to occur and allows the move to 'sink in'. The session lasts approximately 45 minutes and often the animal has fallen asleep before the treatment has finished .



The body will be in rest and restore mode, and as such, your pet may take a long nap. 


Often it has been observed that your pet may drink more water than usual (and pee more!).


Generally, after the first deep sleep following the treatment, you will see increased energy. 


You might notice that your pet has done things it hasn't before, or hasn't in a while - they may stand straighter, stretch more, lay on a different side, jump onto furniture or into the car more easily, etc. Unexpected things like a more relaxed demeanour, softer coat or an enhanced desire to connect with the family can be wonderful side effects. These slight changes should be noted and are signs that the treatment has helped your pet feel better. You know your pet best and will see these differences first hand. They are important to note! We need to work together to examine the progress we are making. 


Typically, we won't see positive mobility changes until we have completed the second session. Just as your pet has gotten more comfortable with the practitioner and treatment, their body is grasping the power of Bowen and adjusting appropriately. 




After each session, allow your pet ample time to rest and relax. Refrain from brushing, bathing or long stroking for 24 hours after each treatment. This allows the treatment to settle without interruption. 

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