"Our Old English Sheepdog, Ella, was unable to ascend stairs when we brought her home. She was the runt of the litter, had been trampled by her siblings in the whelping pit and had a malformed hind leg. With one treatment of Bowen with Jaime, Ella was suddenly able to climb stairs. And jump on the couch, too! Ella's mobility continues to improve with each of her maintenance appointments and there is such value in this type of care. Thanks Jaime!"



"Our rescue, June (or June Bug as we commonly refer to her), came to us with resource guarding, anxiety and trust issues. After a couple of months of her settling in, we gave Bowen therapy a try. Immediately after the first session we notice a remarkable difference in her personality. She became much more relaxed with the city, wasn’t as hesitant to go for walks outside of our block and became more trusting with us, our friends and family. We would highly recommend Bowen Therapy and Jaime at Toronto Animal Bowen, as alternative means of therapy."


Mick, Whitney & June Bug

"Our fur son Mak is a rescued greyhound who came into our lives when he was three years old. Over the years he has had several medical issues that have taken a toll on his physical health. We have known Jaime for several years and she truly loves and is passionate about the health and wellness of all animals.


Jaime has treated Mak many times using the Bowen principals and the results are noticeable immediately. Not only does our boy relax instantly, he loves the special attention that he gets from Jaime. I would recommend this treatment not only for animals with physical issues, but also for over all maintenance. Mak wanted to say Thank you Jaime!"




This letter is a testimonial to the benefits of Bowen Therapy practiced on our 6 year old Border Collie, Lilly.


"One hot evening in June, our family was enjoying some TV viewing and playing fetch with Lilly. Suddenly without any provocation or incident, Lilly’s ear perked up and she barked incessantly at the ceiling. Her bark was a mix of anger, alarm and fear. She paced back and forth, looking up from corner to corner of the ceiling and then fleeing from her favourite room. Lilly refused to sleep in her bed, play or relax in her play/bedroom, which is our family room. Anxiety and fear was taking over Lilly. She was unsettled and uncomfortable day and night. It was heartbreaking to hear Lilly whimper and cry for help. She was scared!!


Her pleas were not ignored. We comforted her. We hugged her, spoke to her and tried to reassure her all was well. We invited her in our bedrooms but that didn’t solve the problem. Lilly showed anxiety no matter what room she was in. Her only solace was to stay out on the back porch. She wanted no part of being in the house she has lived in since she was 8 weeks young.


We spoke to other dog owners about our situation. They were sympathetic and offered suggestions. Neighbours of ours spoke to us about the great benefits of Bowen Therapy and directed us to Jaime Price.

Jaime made a home visit and met with Lilly and us. She sat with Lilly and applied her knowledge and practical training. After 30 minutes of gentle handling and massaging on Lilly, we began to see the benefits immediately.

*Lilly became relaxed, safe and comfortable in the house

*Lilly sat, laid and played in the family room

*Lilly stopped looking up at the ceiling and barking

*Lilly stopped whimpering and crying for help


Lilly´s fears and anxieties were gone! She felt comfortable, safe and at ease in her home again. We have become believers in Bowen Therapy. Thank You Jaime Price!"

Lilly’s family – Fani, Ryan, Riley and Fiona


"I will never be able to thank Jaime enough for the wonders she's worked. Frankcame to me scared, anxious and always alert to possible dangers. Despite twoyears of work, multiple trainers, excessive treats, and medication, hesteadfastly held on to his reactive behaviour as his only coping mechanism andwas unable to progress in any meaningful way. It tore my heart to see thissweet little dog remains so traumatized and I came very close to rehoming him. Since Jaime has entered his life however, Frank has become a different dog!Everything is easier for him and he has moments of joyfulness I never thoughtI'd see.


He is relaxed and curious (as opposed to anxious and hyper-vigilant) onour walks and even allows humans the occasional pet! Jaime is by far hisfavourite person and he greets her with squeaks, barks and tail wags,something he bestows on no other human! All this is the result of her tender,compassionate concern for his welfare. I truly appreciate her willingness toallow Frank enough space and time to get use to her and to being touched. Shehas showed both of us nothing but kindness and understanding. I cannotrecommend her highly enough!"




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