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I am an animal lover who started dog walking in the summer of 2012. As I became more and more interested in dogs and all things surrounding them, I realized that I needed to find a direction in life that kept me connected to animals. When I was introduced to Bowen Therapy in 2013, I immediately knew I wanted to learn to use this therapy on any body I could. I soon found out that Debi Famelos was in the midst of developing the Canine Bowen Institute of Canada and instructed and certified me as an Animal Bowen Physiotherapy Practitioner. 


During my studies, I was lucky enough to meet some amazing people in search of therapy for their beloved animals. I gained a lot of experience and perspective during my case studies and fine tuned my Bowen Technique. I continue to learn about animal health in all respects and am excited for the future of Bowen in the animal world. 


Animal Bowen

Physiotherapy Practitioner


The Bowen Technique is an extremely gentle and non invasive therapy that is a completely natural way of healing. The only tools used are the practitioner's hands and a session involves light pressure in very precise locations on the body. 


Animal's bodies, like ours, maintain much of their structure through fascia -connective tissue that surrounds every bone, organ and muscle within the body. 


During a Bowen treatment, each movement (muscle roll or challenge) triggers a response within the fascia. Each move, a gentle stretch of the muscle, is held for several seconds to induce a sensory response, creating information that will be sent to the spinal cord. This information travels through nerve pathways to corresponding areas of the brain. There is a complex communication system that then sends a new message back down the spinal cord to the related muscles (or joint or tendon, etc.). 


It is paramount that an individual receiving a Bowen treatment be as relaxed as possible and experience as little physical and mental interference as possible so that the session can elicit the fullest effects. Because Bowen is so gentle, and because this system of communicating is so sensitive, the patient (furry ones in our case!) should be allowed to rest.  They should not be bathed, or brushed, or overstimulated in any way. When their brain is calm, their body is best able to heal.



We´ve had extremely special clients over the past few years. These are some animals who benefited from the treatment and were able to overcome their conditions and enjoy some extra happy moments!


"Charlotte has been amazing since her Bowen treatments. I decided to wean her off Keppra for seizure like behaviour and she has been so good! After a month of slowly removing, today was her first day of absolutely no medication so I am excited to think she will not need to be on them anymore. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"



"I am so grateful to Jaime and Toronto Animal Bowen for providing therapy, relief and comfort to my senior girl, Lola. Suffering from bad hips, arthritis and neurological deficit and anxiety, Lola was having a tough time at age 14. When Jaime approached me about the benefits of Bowen Animal Therapy, I jumped at the opportunity to give it a try. Lola responded well to Jaime's healing touch - her anxiety level went down and she seemed to be a much happier dog overall. I would definitely recommend this alternative therapy."



"When Phoenix first came home to us he had bad separation anxiety was very skiddish. We decided to try something new and took him to see Jaime of Toronto Animal Bowen. She was so great with him and we saw an instant improvement. I even took my sisters boxer that needs mats on all floors!


After just 3 treatments he was walking across my wood floors and for the first time in 8 years actually walked down the hall to my bedroom. Here he is with Phoenix, Soph and I cuddling. I will say I think he needs a refresher!"





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